2021 World Top 500 Brand: Huawei Ranks on number 5

The World Brand Lab (World Brand Lab) has released the list of 18th “Top 500 World Brands” rankings announced on December 7th in New York, USA. With excellent market performance and strong business growth, last year’s runner-up Google defeated Amazon to top the list. Amazon retreated to second place, Microsoft whose net profit increased sharply in fiscal 2021, continued to remain third.

It is reported that the basis for the judgment of the “Top 500 World Brands” is the brand’s influence in the world. The so-called brand influence refers to the brand’s ability to open up the market, occupy the market and obtain profit.

According to the three key indicators of brand influence, namely market share, brand loyalty, and global leadership, the World Brand Lab has comprehensively scored approximately 15,000 well-known brands around the world, and finally launched the world’s 500 most influential brands brand. A total of 31 countries will be selected in the 2021 “Top 500 World Brands” rankings.

France, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom have 48, 46, 44, and 37 brands on the list, respectively, making them the second camp of the world’s major brands; Germany, Switzerland, and Italy are the third camps of the major brands, with 26 brands respectively , 17 and 15 brands were selected. Among the 44 Chinese brands on the list, Tencent ranked second, Huawei ranked fifth, Lenovo ranked 11th, and Xiaomi ranked 40th.

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