About Huawei HMS in 2021: Aspiegel Ltd. is now Aspiegel SE

Huawei customers have received an email with the following content: Important announcement about Huawei Mobile Services in 2021.

Dear customer,

we would like to inform you about a name change of the provider of digital services for Huawei Mobile Services in Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Aspiegel , a leading provider of digital mobile services, including Huawei Mobile Services , has completed the transformation from an Irish limited company to Societas Europa (SE) under the name Aspiegel SE .

For customers , use the HUAWEI ID and Huawei Mobile Services, there are no changes to our existing terms and conditions. There is no additional need for action.

This change, which came into effect on March 11, 2021, is the result of our long-term commitment to our customers and partners in Europe. Our goal is to improve the service for our customers on site and to open up new opportunities for cooperation with European partners. As a pan-European company, Aspiegel SE plans to set up a number of local offices in the UK and several EU member states, including Germany, Finland and Italy. The company’s main office and headquarters will continue to be in Ireland. Further news about Aspiegel SE can be found in the News section on the Aspiegel website. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the support area on the Aspiegel website.


Jie Su
General Manager
Aspiegel SE

Here is an overview of which services Aspiegel SE is responsible for:

  • AppGallery
  • Themes / designs
  • Mobile cloud
  • Browser
  • Assistant / Today
  • Petal Search
  • Petal Maps
  • Music
  • Video
  • Books
  • Members Center

According to the information, only the billing address changes. Where you previously had 0.99 EUR on your account statement or credit card statement for cloud services, for example, you now see “Aspiegel SE”, where previously “Aspiegel Ltd” was.

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