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China Mobile Guangdong and Huawei Piloted 5G Indoor Distributed Massive MIMO

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According to the Huawei official news, the company and China Mobile Guangdong achieved a significant milestone with the pilot of their latest innovation: 5G indoor distributed Massive MIMO.

This pilot was completed in the 2.6 GHz inter-frequency networking (80 MHz + 80 MHz) in Huawei’s Southern Factory in Dongguan, an important industrial city in China’s Pearl River Delta.

The pilot was conducted using LampSite, Huawei’s 5G digital indoor network product, based on the 2.6 GHz inter-frequency networking (80 MHz + 80 MHz). Distributed Massive MIMO was enabled in multiple 5G indoor cells to provide the large capacity needed to support 5GtoB services and meet their high requirements for uplink experience. The peak uplink experience was quadrupled compared with traditional 4T4R cells.

Indoor distributed Massive MIMO introduces Massive MIMO for macro base stations to indoor networks. It is an innovative approach by Huawei to continuously increase the capacity of indoor 5G networks. The technology supports up to 64T64R channels and pools beamforming, MU-MIMO, and other technologies to ensure high capacity in the uplink and consistent user-perceived data speeds.

The pilot is of great significance to 5GtoB, Huawei will continue to work with China Mobile Guangdong in innovating 5G to improve 5G performance, build competitive 5G networks, and lead the development of 5GtoB.

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