Huawei 5G Private Network Project Wins 2021 Market Development Award

According to Huawei’s official news, Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) chose Huawei for the 2021 Market Development Award for its 5G Private Network for Hualing Xianggang project, recognizing Huawei’s outstanding contributions to the promotion of scaled commercial development and industry maturity of 5GtoB.

This project was implemented by China Mobile and Huawei to help Hunan Valin Iron & Steel Group Co Ltd., a fine-steel producer in China’s central Hunan province, (hereinafter referred to as Hualing Xianggang) to pursue smart steel manufacturing.

The 5G has reached a new stage, with more than 140 5G commercial networks constructed worldwide. Unleashing the full potential of 5G networks to create more value has become a priority across the industry.

This project has considerably helped the steel producer to explore new 5G industrial applications, including on-premises data processing, local break-out (to enable local data to be exchanged directly without bypassing the core network), and preferential processing of local services. These applications are essential for the leading steel manufacturer to realize a plethora of 5G smart steel manufacturing services, such as automated overhead cranes, slag-adding robots, high-density video surveillance, AR-assisted remote assembly, and AI-powered steel plate inspection.

Source – Huawei Press

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