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Huawei releases Good Hope Cloud Service

Good Hope Cloud Service

On March 5, the Good Hope Cloud Service Conference was held in Shenzhen. At this press conference, Huawei released the Haowang cloud service.

Huawei’s Good Hope Cloud Service mainly focused on security prevention, production management, smart operation and other scenarios. It includes Good Hope Video Management, Good Hope Video Intelligence, Good Hope Development Platform, Good Hope Mall, and other smart cloud services.

The release of the Haowang cloud service has realized the overall layout of Huawei’s machine vision “1+3+N” strategy. “1” refers to software-defined cameras; “3” refers to light edge, micro edge, and good hope cloud services; “N” refers to software and hardware ecosystems such as intelligent algorithms and intelligent applications.

  • Video experience: Through super encoding technology, it provides clearer video quality under the same bandwidth; the video experience is smoother when the network is congested; in addition, Huawei Cloud has 2500 + edge cloud nodes.
  • Data Security: Haowang Cloud Service has 80+ global security compliance certifications from HUAWEI CLOUD.
  • Smart native:¬†Haowang Cloud Service has the industry’s only architecture system that revolves around the full life cycle management of visual intelligence algorithms.
  • Open ecology: Through the intelligent scenario-based API, it can help ISVs to connect and realize various needs according to the actual scenarios of customers.



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