China Mobile SPN equipment – Huawei’s share reaches 67%

China Mobile released a single source acquirement information announcement on the expansion of SPN equipment from 2020 to 2021. It’s all about the SPN equipment and the suppliers are,

  • Fiberhome Communication Technology Co. Ltd, 1044
  • ZTE Corporation, 124506 &
  • Huawei 275968.

Last month, China Mobile launched a new set of centralized mining for SPN equipment, involving 28 provinces, with a total acquirement scale of 145,663. The total acquirement scale reached 410,718, which is much larger than the newly-built scale.

At present, SPN has formed an end-to-end industry chain, integrating operators, equipment vendors, chip vendors, and in-depth cooperation in the fields of standard tech, innovation, and testing forms.

China Mobile SPN equipment

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