Deal: Honor providing 40% off on FlyPods 3

In March last year, Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless noise-canceling headphones were first sold, priced at 799 yuan. After a year, this headset is now priced at a historically low price of 499 yuan.

The Honor FlyPods 3 features 10mm divers in each bud to offer deep bass and clear listening experience. Further, the buds come with three microphones each, two on the outside for calls and ambient noise-canceling, and one inside to pickup in-ear noise to offer dual noise cancellation functionality.

The Flypods 3 have 3 unique microphones, one for receiving calls, one inside the earbuds to pick up in-ear sounds and the last one outside for directional pickup of ambient noise.

Also, the main feature of the Flypods 3 is it is capable of dual noise cancellation via its elongated region that houses its microphone that records the ambient sound of the users surrounding to send cancellation waves in-ear. It also records sounds trapped in-ears via the secondary mic to send out a second wave of noise-canceling waves to reduce any residual sounds.

Note that you don’t need to remove one side earpiece to hear the outside voice as it provides a mechanism on the side that allows for sounds to go through from the outside if the user chooses to do so. As per the specifications, this Flypods 3 will be the best option for those users who like to listen to music or watching movies while traveling.

FlyPods 3 Deal

This deal is available on the JD site.

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