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Huawei AI Voice to use on Huawei devices (such as smartphones and tablets) hands-free. In this article, we will check the latest app version of the Huawei AI Voice.

Countries and Regions Where AI Voice Can Be Used

Huawei AI Voice in English, French, and Spanish in the UK, France, Spain, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia.

To set your country and region, and the system language you want to use, go to Settings > System & updates > Language & input > Language and region. AI Voice can only be woken up if you select one of the above countries.

You can select a language for communicating with AI Voice from the settings menu by touching in full screen in AI Voice. Currently, only English, French, and Spanish are supported.

Wake Up or Disable AI Voice
There are multiple ways to wake up AI Voice, depending on the device model you use. For example:

Press and hold the Power button for 1 second to wake up AI Voice

Before using this method, go to Settings > HUAWEI Assistant > AI Voice > Wake with Power button , and enable Wake with Power button.

Disable Wake with Power button if you do not need this method.

Say the wakeup word to wake up AI Voice

You need to record your wakeup word before using this method.

Go to Settings > HUAWEI Assistant > AI Voice > Voice wakeup , then enable Voice wakeup. Follow the onscreen instructions to enroll your wakeup voice command.

To wake up AI Voice, say the wakeup word loudly.

Download the latest Huawei AI Voice App APK:

Download Huawei AI Voice latest App APK

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