EMUI 11/HarmonyOS 2: Huawei phone smart voice AI subtitles added real-time transliteration in Korean

According to the information, the new version of Huawei’s mobile phone smart voice is now rolling out, supporting AI subtitles and adding real-time Korean transliteration capabilities.

Smart Voice is an intelligent assistant suitable for Huawei mobile phones. It is committed to freeing users’ hands through advanced voice interaction technology to meet users’ convenient and efficient operation needs in different scenarios.

What’s new?

1. The AI ​​subtitles have added the ability to transcribe Korean in real-time, and support translation into Chinese, breaking the language barrier and making it easier to watch Korean dramas.

2. Adjust the volume and brightness to support incremental adjustment. If the screen is too bright, just adjust “Brightness to 30%”.

3. Support voice query of the signal strength of the device. After waking up, say “check signal strength” to check it.

4. Xiaoyi Reading aloud has newly added playback control capabilities, and supports exit, pause, and resume Xiaoyi Reading aloud through voice commands.

Note: AI subtitle capabilities support EMUI 11.0, HarmonyOS 2.0 and above, and real-time transcription and translation accuracy are affected by background sounds, environmental sounds, noise, and other factors. Based on actual experience, the smart assistant will be updated and upgraded continuously.

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