EMUI Tip: How to adjust Eye comfort, Colour correction, Colour mode in Huawei Phones

Welcome to the Huawei Update’s tips and tricks section, In this tutorial, we will learn how to adjust Eye comfort, Colour correction, Colour mode in Huawei phones/smartphones. Let’s explore in detail.

Eye comfort:

If your smartphone screen has a yellow tint and an eye icon is displayed in the status bar, it means that the eye comfort mode is enabled (excluding those models that do not support the eye comfort mode). To return to the normal display, Enter Settings > Display > Eye comfort, then disable it.

Colour correction:

If somehow your smartphone screen colors are distorted, please try the color correction setting. OpenSettings >Smart assistance > Accessibility > Colour correction, enable it and the screen colors will display normally immediately.

If you have difficulty in distinguishing certain colors, you can choose the Correction mode and “customize” your exclusive screen display.

Colour mode:

If you still think that the screen is discolored after trying the above methods, please enter Settings > Display > Colour mode (Colour mode & temperature), then adjust the COLOUR TEMPERATURE to your favorite mode to use.

Smart resolution:

If you are experiencing blurry screen, the smart resolution may have been enabled. For power saving purposes, the screen resolution automatically decreases and that naturally results in a blurry display. Don’t worry, just open Settings > Display > Screen resolution > Smart resolution, and disable it to have a clear screen again.

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