Feifan R7 SUV launched with Huawei AR-HUD, starting at 205,900 yuan

According to the information, SAIC’s pure electric flagship Feifan R7 was officially launched and there are a total of 4 models were launched. The pricing details are 289,900-356,900 yuan, and the vehicle-electric separation mode is priced at 205,900-256,900 yuan.

It should be noted that users who choose the 90kW·h battery in the vehicle-electric separation mode need to pay a monthly rent of 1,560 yuan, and a 77kW·h battery needs to pay a monthly rent of 1,260 yuan.

The Feifan R7 is positioned as a medium-to-large SUV, with a length, width and height of 4900/1925/1655mm, a wheelbase of 2950mm, a 77kWh or 90kWh battery, and a CLTC cruising range of up to 642km .

The all-new Feifan R7 is powered by the world’s first mass-produced Huawei Vision-enhanced AR-HUD head-up system, with the largest field of view of the world’s mass-produced models of 13°*5°, supporting immersive visual interaction.

Feifan R7 SUV launched with Huawei AR-HUD price

Feifan R7 Huawei

Feifan R7


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