Huawei DDPAI Car Smart Screen Pro released

Huawei Smart Life, Huawei Smart Selection Dingdipai Car Smart Screen Pro officially launched. The device adopts an all-in-one body, is equipped with the new HUAWEI HiCar desktop, supports continuous voice dialogue, and customizes the universal card. and rich wallpapers. It is priced at 1799 yuan

It has also been upgraded to 3K ultra-wide-angle driving dual-camera, and a large number of applications are often new. HUAWEI HiCar’s new desktop supports split-screen navigation on the home page and a wealth of custom universal cards.

On the new in-vehicle smart screen Pro, consumers can use the newly launched in-vehicle space smart card to control the intelligent items equipped with Hongmeng Zhilian, such as the baby’s first child seat and the fragrance car fragrance.

Huawei DDPAI Car Smart Screen Pro


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