For EMUI, Huawei pushing HarmonyOS base version in order to upgrade HMOS 2

Back in July this year, Huawei launched the HarmonyOS 3 operating system for smartphones, which comes in a new look, improved widgets, and multitasking.

There are some models that have not yet been upgraded to HarmonyOS 2 and are still running on the EMUI. Now, the company has started pushing out the base version in order to upgrade HarmonyOS 2.

You have to install that particular base version which is currently rolling out. It will depend on your phone model number. Once you installed that then only you can grab the HarmonyOS 2.

Now, how to check the base version? Huawei has stated that you need to check out the “My Huawei” App. And make sure devices that do not reach this version will not be able to upgrade to HarmonyOS 2 or higher.

Therefore, this baseline version upgrade will first push an EMUI version, so that the devices meet the minimum requirements for upgrading HarmonyOS 2. The upcoming HarmonyOS versions will also depend on this base version.

Huawei pushing HarmonyOS base version

Note: This will be available for eligible devices only.

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