Huawei: Global 5G users exceeded 1.5 billion in five years (MWC 2024)

At the MWC 2024, the Chinese tech giant Huawei held a “5G Beyond Growth Summit”. Li Peng, Huawei’s senior vice president and president of ICT sales and services delivered a speech.

He first shared with everyone the commercial success achieved by operators in the 5G era: In the five years since its commercial launch, the number of global 5G users has exceeded 1.5 billion, which is equivalent to the development results of nine years of 4G.

At the same time, 5G accounts for 20% of global mobile users, contributing 30% of mobile traffic and 40% of mobile business revenue.

He also pointed out that ” 2024 is the first year of 5G-A commercialization. Combined with the development of cloud and AI technology, operators have huge potential for commercial growth.” To this end, Li Peng pointed out that global operators can seize strategic opportunities in four aspects.

Li Peng said that high-quality networks are the basis for commercial success. Global operators are exploring multi-dimensional experience monetization methods. Currently, more than 20% of 5G operators use the rate billing model. For example, Thai operators have released a 5G hotspot acceleration package that can Supporting users to order time-sharing on demand, ARPU increases by approximately 23%.

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