GlobalData: Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 ranked with highest score

The Chinese tech giant, Huawei officially confirmed in a press release that its OptiX OSN 9800 series has been ranked as a “Leader” with the highest score in Core Packet-Optical Platform by GlobalData in its latest report Core Packet-Optical Platform: Competitive Landscape Assessment.

The OSN 9800 series is an optical-electrical type WDM/OTN that can transmit data carried by optical fiber. As compared with competitors, OSN 9800 series products feature ultra-large capacity, ultra-high integration, and ultra-low power consumption.

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Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 series supports single-wavelength 800 Gbit/s and Super C+L band ultra-wide spectrum, and provides 96 Tbit/s line capacity per fiber, thereby meeting capacity requirements in the next 10 years.

Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 ranked with highest score

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