Google replied on ‘Significant Security Risks’ in Huawei devices

According to the Google support page, Tristan Ostrowski, legal director of Android & Play Product, clarifies some points of the relationship with Huawei and the use of its applications on such devices. Where the most interesting thing is that they touch the issue of the unauthorized loading of Google Apps.

“Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or providing Google applications, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Play Store, and others for preloading or downloading on these devices.

“We have continued to receive a series of questions about the new Huawei devices (for example, the new models that are released now or the previous models that were released after May 16, 2019 but that are now available in new regions of the world) and on whether Google’s apps and services can be used on these devices. We wanted to provide clear guidance to those who ask these important questions. ”

“Google applications loaded separately will not work reliably, since we do not allow these services to run on non-certified devices where security may be compromised. Google applications that are loaded in an unauthorized manner carry a high risk of installing an application that has been altered or manipulated so that it can compromise user security.

Ostrowski explains that Huawei smartphones launched on or before May 16, 2019, can continue (for the moment) receiving updates from both Android applications and the operating system. But all those that are launched later will be considered “non-certified” devices, since Google has not been able to submit these devices to its “rigorous” security controls to preload them with the ‘Google Play Protect’ software, which, they claim, is capable to detect when the hardware has been compromised and is facing a possible security risk.

Under these statements, Google warns customers of these new Huawei smartphones that “do not attempt to load Gmail, YouTube, Play Store or other Google software on those non-certified devices”, since they cannot guarantee that these apps are safe and secure. malware-free.

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