Greely Geometry to use HarmonyOS system in cars

According to the latest Chinese auto industry information, the car maker Greely has now chosen Huawei’s HarmonyOS their Geometry line of cars. No doubt, Greely is one of the top car makers in the Chinese market. Huawei’s HarmonyOS comes with great capabilities that are the reason many automotive companies are joining the hand with Huawei.

The main agenda of the company is to deliver vehicles under budget with safety features and more to its citizens in China. Their first ever car dubbed Haoqing was released in August 1998.

Greely also became the first multinational Chinese car maker in 2010. This came into fruition when they reached an agreement with American car maker Ford in order to acquire Volvo car brand.

Back in 2019, Greely landed its first ever pure electric car brand called Geometry. The Geometry line of cars has gained great traction in the automobile industry, particularly in the Chinese market.

Until now the company dint comes up with the Geometry model name that will first feature the HarmonyOS system, they shared the post together with a rendered image. The image shows a big center-placed infotainment screen that sits right beside the steering wheel.

Greely Geometry -Huawei HarmonyOS

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