HarmonyOS 4.2: Huawei home storage tests WeChat backup function

Huawei launched its first HarmonyOS home data center in back 2022. The current 4TB, 16TB, and diskless versions are 2,599 yuan, 4,599 yuan, and 1,799 yuan respectively.

Huawei’s home storage plays an important part in Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy. It can interconnect with other devices to achieve fast and convenient data access and transfer.

With the arrival of HarmonyOS 4.2, Huawei home storage has introduced application backup and WeChat backup functions. When used with phones/tablets running HarmonyOS 4.2 and above, WeChat data can be backed up to the NAS, and WeChat data can be restored at any time when necessary.

Huawei home storage

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