HarmonyOS Cockpit: AITO’s new medium and large SUV interior leaked

According to the recent report, Huawei’s follow-up overall plan for the “car building” project includes 6 products, including three sedans, one MPV model, and two SUV models, basically covering mainstream models in the market.

Now the new car presence appears and the size of the new SUV is larger than that of the M5, which is a large SUV and a super large SUV.

In February this year, some media exposed a spy photo of AITO’s new car road test. As the third model jointly built by Huawei and Celis and the second model of the AITO brand, it was officially announced that the new car will be launched within this year, and it is expected to be named “Wenjie M7” in the future. The new car will challenge the annual sales target of 300,000 units together with the Wenjie M5 range-extended version and pure electric version.

The interior photos of this AITO new medium and large SUV have been leaked. The new car adopts the same family-oriented interior design language as the M5, and adopts a center console with a T-shaped layout, and the full LCD instrumentation and large-size semi-suspended center control screen are retained.

It is worth mentioning that, as a brand in deep cooperation with Huawei, HarmonyOS cockpit will also support new AITO models, so as to achieve faster response speed and more comfortable interactive experience, and in voice interaction experience, seamless mobile phone interaction, etc.

The Wenjie M5 is the first model of the high-end brand AITO jointly built by Celis and Huawei, starting from 249,800 yuan, and delivery began on March 5. AITO M5 is the first model equipped with Huawei Hongmeng cockpit. The core power also comes from Huawei, and Huawei is deeply involved in R&D and manufacturing of the whole car.

AITO M5 is equipped with HUAWEI HarmonyOS vehicle system and HUAWEI DriveOne three-electric system. It uses a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender specially designed for range extension systems, with a 15:1 compression ratio and 41% thermal efficiency.

AITO's new medium and large SUV interior leaked AITO's new medium and large SUV interior leaked-1 AITO's new medium and large SUV interior leaked-2 AITO's new medium and large SUV interior leaked-3

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