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Honor 23.8-inch display leaked

Honor 23.8-inch display leaked

At the Honor HUNTER gaming press conference, Zhao Ming announced that HONOR HUNTER will have gaming laptops, routers, monitors, and other products. Now, a popular Weibo tipster shared an Honor 23.8-inch display image.

As shown in the picture below, this 23.8-inch Honor display is simple in shape and does not adopt the ostentatious shape of gaming monitors on the market. As a product of the HONOR HUNTER series, it is expected that this Honor monitor will have a refresh rate of 144Hz to meet the needs of mainstream esports games.

Honor 23.8-inch display leaked

Recently, a Huawei display with a model number of AD80HW was also leaked, with a three-sided narrow bezel design and a spray paint process on the back, which looks almost the same as the Honor display. It is expected that the 23.8-inch displays of Huawei and Honor will use in the same manner, and the panels will be different, one for commercial use and the other for e-sports.




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