Honor inherits Huawei assets to build the top flagship Magic series with an entrepreneurial mentality

“We chose a correct but difficult path.” Honor CEO Zhao Ming once said. Honor after independence has attracted much attention. After leaving Huawei, how will Zhao Ming reconstruct the future of Honor?

Over the past few months, this answer has gradually surfaced. According to Qin Shuo’s Moments, Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview that my duty as CEO is to lead the team to find the right strategic direction and implement it without hesitation. Honor employees are our most precious asset. All employees share the company’s value and build a global iconic technology brand with the best people.

Zhao Ming believes that in order to build a global iconic brand, Honor of core competence, and the construction of partner ecology, it is necessary to choose the top partners to cooperate and to cooperate with them for a long time. It is necessary to match organizational capabilities, technical capabilities, product capabilities and future strategies to the requirements of partners for Honor. To be with the best people, glory is positioned to build a global iconic brand.

Of course, the relationship with the partner is not just asking for it. Zhao Ming said that learning from the world’s best companies, integrating their best products and components into our designs, but also to feedback the capabilities. This value must be exchanged so that everyone can share, integrate, and develop together.

If you are a closed system, it is unrealistic for you to ask for nothing but contribute to the outside world. It is understood that high-end suppliers in various industrial chains in Europe, the United States, and China are very welcome to join Honor. Honor will use the world’s best technology for my use and give back our capabilities to the global industry chain, forming a positive cycle.

At present, on the one hand, Honor is adhering to the concept of “friends have a future” to deepen cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. On the other hand, Honor is also accelerating the planning of high-end flagship products to prepare for the impact of the high-end market.

Zhao Ming revealed that Honor hopes to target Huawei, Apple, and Samsung and strive to surpass them. “You set such a goal to respect your opponents, and we also have this ability.” In the future, we will build a glorious high-end flagship series Magic, positioning and building Magic as the top flagship product in the industry. It will surpass the original system and reach and exceed the level and ability of Mate and P.

Zhao Ming believes that consumers ultimately like great products that have an impact on this era, and Honor has always had ideals and dreams to make such things. More bold innovation is needed, and this is the product concept that Honor has always adhered to. The first generation of Honor Magic used many new technologies, processes and designs. In addition, Honor is also the industry’s first wave of mobile phone products designed with glass, which has won praise from the industry and recognition from consumers. In the rapidly iterating mobile phone industry, if you don’t prepare for innovation and don’t rush forward, you will be subverted by others.

More than 100 days have passed since the announcement of the sale, Honor quickly completed the integration of the company’s operations, adjusted the company’s mentality, established a high-end global goal, and launched a sprint. The author believes that the current internal and external troubles of Honor have been resolved.

Honor, which is standing on the shoulders of Huawei, has the ability and confidence to develop rapidly. It is undeniable that the competition in the mobile phone industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Honor’s global brand goal is not without pressure, but Honor can withstand the pressure, “Take the right path, do not take detours, it is possible to achieve”, let us wait and see.

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