Huawei Router H6 to be launched with AX3 Hi5651L chip, 91W power supply and more

According to the well-known Weibo tipster, Uncle Mountain, Huawei’s new router has been named Huawei Router H6. Both the main router and sub-router use the same Lingxiao dual-core Hi5651L chip of Huawei’s router AX3. There is a set of Huawei router H6 that includes one parent router, one enhanced sub-route, and two sub-routes.

Also, Huawei’s three main routers this year: WS8501 WS8000 WS7290. The WS8000 series is equipped with a 52.5V, 1.75A power adapter, with a power of up to 91W, while the current mainstream router products generally require 12V, 1-2A, and the router can be seen from the photo of the blogger.

Huawei Router H6

It is reported that the sub-routes of the Huawei Router H6 series will be directly powered by the main route, and support up to 6 sub-routes.

It is worth mentioning that he also said that the recently added signal heat map and room layout editing functions of the Huawei Smart Life App were launched for the Huawei Router H6 series.

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