Honor launching a new phone on November 22

According to the information, Jiang Hairong, the CMO of Honor announced that the company will release a new product on November 22. Earlier reports suggest that this new phone will be Honor 60 series, and exposed the creative poster of the series, which is consistent with the concept of the star map released by Jiang Hairong, and is expected to be released on November 22.

According to Weibo tipster, the Honor 60 series is expected to be released within this year. The blogger said that since the independence of Huawei, the various product lines of Honor are accelerating the recovery, and the Honor Digital series after independence actually targets product features similar to Huawei’s nova series and is aimed at fashionable young people.

Honor 60 series leak Honor 60 series Honor 60 series-1

In the same way, the Honor Digital series, which is positioned by the benchmark Nova, will gradually be adjusted to the update frequency of the 2nd generation a year. The Honor 60 series is likely to be able to meet with you before the end of the year.


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