Honor MagicBook new product is coming with Intel Evo platform

On April 19, Honor is about to introduce a new MagicBook series laptop with a thin and lightweight as well as it will come with Intel Evo platform, and thanks Intel for providing comprehensive technical support and product chips for Honor.

It can be seen from the warm-up poster that the new laptop will be equipped with Intel processors and pass the Intel Evo platform certification.

The Intel Evo platform will be jointly designed by Intel and its partners to help users complete important tasks efficiently. All laptops based on the Intel Evo platform must pass the following key experience indicator (KEI) verification:

  • Consistent response speed when powered by a battery
  • Wake up from sleep state within 1 second.
  • Achieve 9 hours or more battery life on laptops equipped with full HD displays.
  • On a laptop equipped with a full HD display, you can get a battery life of 4 hours or more by just charging for 30 minutes

Honor MagicBook new product

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