Honor Sold 1.7 million Smart PTZ camera: Huawei Mall Record

Honor thought the smart PTZ camera to reach the target of 10,000 units and achieved sales of 1.7 million, breaking the Huawei Mall public sales record. At the launch event in China company introduces a number of useful products along with the Honor BYBLUE’s Smart Gimbal Camera. (Honor Sold 1.7 million Smart PTZ camera: Huawei Mall Record)

The specifications of Honor BYBLUE’s Smart Gimbal Camera comes with a Q-shaped layout. Honor BYBLUE Smart Gimbal Camera features an AI human shape detection function, AI motion detection function, and AI sound detection function. The camera offers a 360° panoramic field of view and 100° vertical monitoring and a resolution of 1080P. You can use it in dark lights for better results.The Byblue smart gimbal camera priced at 199 yuan ($28).

smart ptz camera

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