Huawei trademarks wireless earphone named NovaBuds

Huawei wireless earphone named Novabuds was registered with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). Huawei NovaBud’s trademark application includes some tags, virtual reality gaming augmented headset, mobile phone headset, in-ear headset, High definition televisions, loudspeakers, Sound transmission devices, Chips, PU, Digital voice signal processor, recorded computer programs.


To recall, Honor launched the Flypods 3, it features a 10mm dynamic coil that provides the best experience in the bass, a polymer composite diaphragm for a richer and clearer listening experience and the “Golden Ear” tuning via three-frequency equalization.

The Flypods 3 have 3 unique microphones, one for receiving calls, one inside the earbuds to pick up in-ear sounds and the last one outside for directional pickup of ambient noise. Also, the main feature of the Flypods 3 is it is capable of dual noise cancellation via its elongated region that houses its microphone that records the ambient sound of the users surrounding to send cancellation waves in-ear. It also records sounds trapped in-ears via the secondary mic to send out a second wave of noise-canceling waves to reduce any residual sounds.

As per the recent leaks, Huawei will separate Nova as a sub-brand and planned to bring smart wearables including smartwatches, wireless headsets, and other smart devices. Thus, Huawei’s NovaBuds could also be one of the first Nova product.


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