Huawei HMS Core Scan Kit

Huawei officially explained the Scan Kit today, The Scan kit is basically a unified scanning service that can provide professional two-dimensional code, barcode scanning, and parsing capabilities.

Comprehensive code recognition capabilities: Scan Kit supports 13 mainstream code recognition systems worldwide. The official said that the Scan Kit covers almost all kinds of QR codes and barcodes that are visible in daily life. In addition, the recognition success rate is more than 96%.

Long-distance detection and automatic magnification: Scan Kit can automatically detect long-distance codes and small codes. It also automatically zoom in to increase the user’s application scanning success rate.

Arbitrary angle recognition: Scan Kit is based on automatic detection and rotation correction capabilities. This allows users to scan code from any angle, improving the flexibility and recognition rate of application code scanning.

Recognition and enhancement of complex scenes: Scan Kit is also based on multiple computer vision technologies (CV). It can identify and enhance various difficult scenes such as low light, reflection, deformation, blurring, defacement, color, and special pattern codes.

Scenario-based code content analysis capabilities: Scan Kit also has code content analysis capabilities. It synchronizes the structure of the information during scanning to help the APP quickly provide users with corresponding services. This includes connecting to Wi-Fi, adding contacts, adding schedules, querying locations, etc. It effectively covers up to 12 lifestyle scenarios.

According to Huawei, developers can choose four different access modes according to their needs. Among them, the default view mode requires a minimum of 5 lines of code to achieve rapid integration. At the same time, the process of code identification and analysis is completed on the end side, and the scanned code information is not saved to ensure user privacy and security.

huawei hms core

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