Honor x Meituan joined together and launched shared tablet

Honor and Meituan joined together and launched a “shared tablet” during the National Day this year, and now officially announced that the shared tablet is also coming.

Honor and Meituan Waimai jointly launched a shared tablet, and Honor Tablet V6 also joined the shared office, which will be enjoyed for a limited time on October 5.

According to the official,In the Beijing area, within the distribution range of the event store, from October 1st to 8th, from 10:00 to 17:00 every day, the user will place an order through the Meituan Takeaway for the corresponding length of time, pay the rental fee and the delivery fee, and the Meituan Riders will be responsible for The product is delivered to the user, and then recycled by the rider after use.

Also, the Honor official also stated that the Honor shared notebook can improve work efficiency through multi-screen collaboration.

Honor x Meituan

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