Honor X10 officially supports up to 9 5G frequency bands, Master key in the 5G world

Honor has officially announced that the new Honor X10 supports up to 9 5G frequency bands (N1, N3, N38, N41, N77, N78, N79, N80, and N84), officially called it “Master key in the 5G world.”

This requirement will meet all the network construction needs of the three major domestic operators and overseas roaming needs in the next three years.

Recently, climbing of Mount Everest by the Chinese mountaineering team, the Honor X10 followed the Chinese mountaineering team to the “Camp” at an altitude of 6,500 meters. Photos and videos, and measured the height of Everest’s 5G speed at multiple heights, which is fast and stable, with a maximum speed of 1617Mbps.

Huawei’s Xi’an Research Institute Honor 5G Lab was officially inaugurated on May 11. It also participated in the planning, design, testing, and production of Honor X10 throughout the process. The Honor X10 has invested more than 300 million yuan to access the Internet only for testing costs. The cumulative test has exceeded 500,000 hours.


Honor X10 officially supports up to 9 5G frequency bands

Honor X10 Launch Date: May 20, 2020.



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