How to enable Sound Booster in Huawei P40 Series

Huawei P40 series support Sound Booster, a brand new wireless voice transmission solution that works with Bluetooth headphones and speakers so you can record or amplify sound remotely.

Bring sounds by connecting a Bluetooth headset to your smartphone. You can record sound remotely on your HUAWEI P40 series smartphones. The sound captured via the microphones of your smartphone is sent to your headphones via Bluetooth. Point your smartphone at someone who is speaking to hear it more clearly. The smartphone supports speech recognition and ambient noise reduction algorithms so that you can hear others in noisy environments.

How to enable Sound Booster in Huawei P40 Series:

The HUAWEI P40 series Sound Booster supports direct sound amplification. You can speak on the smartphone and have your voice amplified by a Bluetooth speaker.

Step 1: Go to the settings, then tap Sounds and vibrations.

P40 Sound Booster

Step 2: Turn on Sound Booster and connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones to the smartphone.

Sound Booster Huawei P40

P40 series Sound Booster

(Images – Huawei)

Be sure to place the smartphone near the audio source when using the function with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. And if the smartphone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker, hold your smartphone and speak directly into the microphone.

Currently, you can use Sound Booster with three different headphones: HUAWEI FreeBuds, HUAWEI FreeLace and Honor FlyPods. The function supports the following speakers: the HUAWEI nova Mini Bluetooth speaker and the Honor Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker.


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