How to fix Huawei Health requires a more recent version of Huawei Mobile Services – Error Message

Huawei fitness tracker users reporting that the Health app for using the fitness trackers and smartwatches from Huawei no longer works with their smartphones. Here what user reporting,

I have a Huawei fitness tracker -specifically a Band 3 – connected to a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. They have worked together perfectly until now. Now, the Huawei Health app refuses to load – I get the message “Huawei Health requires a more recent version of Huawei Mobile Services (4.0.0 or later) to work properly. You can get the latest version in Huawei AppGallery” as soon as I open the app.

Since this message appeared I have:

1 Rebooted the phone

2) Uninstalled Health, rebooted phone, reinstalled Huawei Health

3) Uninstalled Huawei Mobile Services and reinstalled

4) Installed AppGallery and searched for Huawei mobile services – it didn’t appear.

None of these have made the slightest difference.

In response the company says, 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. We are aware of the issue and are urgently dealing with it. The latest version of Huawei Mobile Services ( and above) has resolved this issue. Please uninstall the current Huawei Mobile Services first, and then search and download a new Huawei Mobile Service from Huawei AppGallery. You can download Huawei AppGallery referring link:

Once downloaded AppGallery, you may install Huawei Mobile service and Huawei Health through AppGallery to solve the issue. The latest version of Huawei Mobile Service will be published to Google Play soon. Please wait patiently.

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