How to use Google, YouTube and more via a shortcut in Huawei Phones

Huawei smartphones without GMS will not get Apps provided by Google. If you are looking to use YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, or Google Maps with just a shortcut. Follow the steps below to use Google Services over the web.

Step 1.

Find the Huawei browser, and type to go to the Google.

How to use Google in Huawei Phone

Step 2.

Click on login and enter your details. You will see your Google icon appear in the top right corner when you have logged in.

How to use Google in Huawei Phone-2

Step 3.

Click on the grid at the top right, here you have quick access to all your Google services.

How to use Google in Huawei Phone-3

Step 4.

Create a shortcut to your main screen, which gives you access to Google Services with just a single click.

How to use Google in Huawei Phone-4

(Image Source- Huawei)

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