Huawei 5.5G technology

At Huawei Connect Conference 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, Huawei shared its core measures to promote the digital development of the industry and released more than 15 innovative cloud services for the global market.

At the Full Connect Conference, Hu Houkun, Huawei’s rotating chairman, said that Huawei is currently actively cooperating with industry partners to promote 5.5G technology, which is the next evolution direction of 5G, covering both fixed and wireless fields.

Hu Houkun said that Huawei’s goal is to greatly increase network capacity, ensure a ubiquitous 10Gbps/s rate, and meet the industry’s demand for reliable, low-latency connections.

It is understood that Huawei proposed 5.5G in 2020, which is a continuous enhancement of 5G capabilities. On the basis of 5G’s high speed, low latency, and large connections, it has added capabilities such as uplink ultra-broadband, broadband real-time interaction, and fusion perception.

At the 8th IC&E Summit on September 8, Dr. Tong Wen, Huawei Fellow and Huawei Wireless CTO, gave a speech themed “Bridging 5G to 6G”.

Dr. Tong Wen said that in order to meet the new needs of 5G for new toC services and toB industry applications, 5G will continue to innovate towards 5.5G, realize the continuous enhancement of eMBB/URLLC/mMTC.

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