Huawei’s first HarmonyOS powered home storage pre-sale is out of stock

We are living in an age of new technologies. The storage space of mobile phones is gradually increasing. Somehow, the stored data has become a problem that many users consider.

In September this year, Huawei launched the first home data center equipped with HarmonyOS- Huawei Home Storage, which provides two configurations of 4TB (2TB+2TB) and 16TB (8TB+8TB), priced at 2999 yuan and 4999 yuan respectively. The sale was started on September 28.

After some time at Huawei the 4TB and 16TB versions of Huawei’s home storage in the pre-sale stage are out of stock. However, consumers can also book through Huawei’s official mall, which shows that it is expected to ship within 20 days after payment.

Huawei home storage

According to reports, Huawei home storage is equipped with two SATA III hard disk interfaces. In addition to the two capacity versions of 4TB and 16TB, users can replace the hard disk by themselves, and the maximum capacity can be increased to 40TB.

In terms of specifications, the network port used by the product is 2.5GE specification, the theoretical rate can reach up to about 250MB/s, and it is also equipped with a USB 3.0 interface.

It is reported that Huawei home storage supports mobile phone NFC one-touch expansion, automatic synchronization of video and photos; comes with a PC synchronization disk, file transfer is more convenient, and supports local viewing on smart screens.

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