Huawei: 5G energy consumption per bit is only 1/10 of 4G capacity but 30 times larger

According to the information, at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) Shengteng Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum, Huawei and more than 40 partners released Artificial intelligence solutions for four major industries: “Tengzhixing” and “Tengtengzhixing”.

Huawei and Pao, Tuowei information, calculate the Yangtze River, according to the pupil and technology, Philip Branch Yun, Hua Rui Technology, Wo Depu, ADLINK, Advantech, East Sound intelligent jointly issued the ” l “Tengzhi Manufacturing” solution is committed to accelerating the scale of AI to serve the digital factory.

Huawei and Yuntian Life, Anqing, Yuncong Technology, Baode, Xinyi Technology, Huanghe, Thousand Vision, Huakun Zhenyu, Polar View, Shenzhou Kuntai, Wenan Intelligent, Isabel Technology, Zhongke Hongyun Released the ” Shengteng Smart City” solution for smart cities.

Huawei and Topway Information, COSCO Shipping, Thousand Vision, Green Deep Eye, China Communications Runwan, Aibi Smart, Beilian Guoxin, China Science and Technology, Zhuo Shi Zhitong, and Mai Tu Technology jointly released the ” Sheng Teng Zhi Xing “Solution , using artificial intelligence technology to intelligently analyze vehicles and trajectories.

Huawei and Zhiyang Innovation, NARI Jiyuan, Yunhua Energy, Huayan Intelligent, Jinsanli, Asia Alliance Development, Jiahua Technology, and Megvii Technology jointly released the ” Shengteng Smart Tour” solution for the energy and power industry.



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