Huawei Ads: New Partnership Program For Advertisers

Huawei offers many developers and advertisers a platform on which they can reach more HUAWEI users all over the world with their own advertising. This program is named as “Huawei Ads” partnership program.

HUAWEI Ads platform and the partner program are specifically aimed at agencies and app publishers. This is a real-time advertising marketplace that offers the platform through the integration of underlying algorithms and the architecture of HUAWEI devices.

The press release in full:

HUAWEI expands its advertising business with the launch of the HUAWEI Ads platform and partnership program for agencies and app publishers.

HUAWEI Ads is a real-time advertising marketplace specifically for HUAWEI devices. By integrating the underlying algorithms and architecture of HUAWEI devices, the platform offers unique and value-oriented opportunities to reach a global audience of over 700 million smartphone users. The platform is now available to media agencies and app publishers across Europe and offers advertisers the opportunity to offer their ad impressions using automated technology.

The platform also includes the HUAWEI Ads Publisher Service, which developers can use to integrate the HUAWEI Ads kit and generate additional income from their apps.

Extract of early booking benefits for direct advertisers and certified agencies:

  • Free advertising credit for direct advertisers who qualify for the trial program
  • Discounts on media spending for certified agencies
  • Dedicated support during the set-up and boarding process
  • Expert advice on setting up and optimizing campaigns
  • Certified partners also get access to new beta products in the test phase
  • Additional coaching and training sessions available for certified partners

Further advantages of the platform:

  • Precise targeting: over 700 million registered mobile customers on HUAWEI Ads
  • Powerful placements: Placements possible across the entire HUAWEI ecosystem
  • Performance-driven results: Tools like Smart Bidding and Smart Banners, along with one-click installation links – for more control and production opportunities



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