Huawei is recruiting talented candidates for semiconductor equipment

According to the information, Huawei is recruiting a large number of integrated circuit talents from around the world. Among them, the HiSilicon department directly provides talents with high salaries and more resources, platforms, etc., to further attract more chip talents. Join.

Huawei has recently started hiring some R&D personnel for semiconductor equipment. The current recruitment announcements for Huawei HiSilicon on major platforms are mostly lateral and chip design, such as chip verification, mass production, drivers, algorithms, process development, and other fields. No hardware recruitment has been found yet.

A search on the official website of Huawei’s recruitment revealed that it is currently hiring 46 positions in the chip field, three-terminal chip engineers, 9 central hardware engineers and more.


As we all know, my country is currently lagging behind in the integrated circuit industry, and there are still areas that are easy to get stuck: especially equipment, manufacturing, and semiconductor materials.

Specifically, the manufacturing process includes technology, equipment/materials, design IP core/EDA, etc. my country’s current semiconductor materials, including photoresist, mask, and large silicon wafers, almost rely on imports. In the field, even China’s equipment is completely invisible on the world stage.

Of course, technology knows no borders, and we don’t necessarily have to control all areas. For example, the most advanced EUV lithography machine currently involves more than 100,000 parts and support from more than 5,000 suppliers, of which 32% are in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and 27% are suppliers.


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