Huawei AI Speaker 2 updated with

Huawei AI Speaker 2 Nebula White edition was launched last year in October month with a price tag of 399 yuan and the battery-free version is priced at 299 yuan. It is powered by Huawei’s own virtual assistant – Xiaoyi. The White Nebula version also features Huawei Sound technology. It features a 10W speaker and has two bass units making it a 1.2 speaker system.

The speaker is made of high-magnetic neodymium-iron-boron rare-earth speakers. The company claims that this material is more equipped to bring powerful sounds than the ordinary ferrite materials of other speakers. It is Huawei’s first smart speaker with a built-in battery. The speaker uses 2.4GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, and NFC for connectivity. It also has four microphones to capture voices clearly. The top part of the speaker comes with an LED ring.

Huawei has released the new software update for this speaker with the latest version, check the changelog below.

Huawei AI Speaker 2 Update Version Changelog:

  • Optimize the wake-up experience.
  • Solve some known problems and optimize product stability.

Huawei AI Speaker 2 Nebula White Edition launched

How to update Huawei AI Speaker 2?

Via the Xiaoyi Voice Assistant: To check for the new version say “Xiaoyi, check the new version” and if a new update is available and is detected by Xiaoyi, say Xiaoyi, upgrade.

Via the App: Open the App and when there is a new update prompt displayed by the app, click the “one-click upgrade” button to upgrade.

Auto Speaker Update: Open the Huawei “AI Speaker” APP, click on My Upgrade, tap on the gear icon and press Automatically Upgrade Speaker Software.


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