HarmonyOS update rolling out for Huawei Smart Screen S series and X65

As per the TV’s history concerned, it has been invented for nearly 100 years. It is used in home and moving with the generation and continuous improvement of software and hardware technology, TV has become different for today’s young people. People are experiencing a new digital life with the upgraded audio and video technologies.

Just like, Huawei’s new smart screen flagship new product – Huawei Smart Screen X65, which can break through the inherent boundaries, top OLED panels and sound effects blessings, smart attributes have been upgraded again, large screens in the home have become as smart as smartphones.

The Huawei Smart Screen X65 features an ultra-thin borderless full screen it adopts a four-sided borderless full screen design, 65-inch LG OLED screen with aluminum alloy anode integrated stamping frame, the thickest part of the fuselage is only 24.9mm, and the use of a special ultra-thin hanger only requires a 5mm wall distance. On the wall.

For camera uses, this smart TV has a 24 megapixels ultra-wide-angle AI eye will not only make the video image clearer but at the same time it can cover more living room areas than ordinary lenses.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 is equipped with a self-developed HiSilicon Hi3559C camera chip, with dual-core NNIE @ 840MHz neural network acceleration engine (dual NPU). Compared with the V series, the AI ​​computing power is increased from 1T to 4T, and the intelligent vision algorithm is more accurate and efficient.


In terms of parameters, the 4K OLED panel of Huawei Smart Screen X65 can achieve 1000nit HDR peak brightness, has a million-level ultra-high contrast, covers the DCI-P3 98% color gamut, and also supports 120Hz high refresh rate and 1ms response time.

In terms of driver chips, Huawei Smart Screen X65 is equipped with Huawei’s new self-developed Honghu flagship chip, which is customized for OLED, equipped with Honghu AI image quality engine, customized special image quality optimization algorithm for OLED screen display advantages, with 6GB RAM + 128G ROM, the performance is upgraded again.

Huawei’s smart screen X65 comes with a 14-speaker full-screen sound array design. These 14 speakers include 6 full-range speakers, each full-frequency speaker includes a 3W dome tweeter and a 10W bar full-range speaker; 2 subwoofer speakers, Each subwoofer contains a 3.5-inch 20W subwoofer; the total output power is 75W.


Now, let’s get back to the title, the Huawei Smart Screen S series and Huawei Smart Screen X65 getting the latest HarmonyOS update with the latest build number HarmonyOS Check the changelog below.

Adapted models:

  • Huawei Smart Screen X65 6GB+128GB (PLAT-760)
  • Huawei Smart Screen S 55 inches 3GB+16GB ( HD55KANB )
  • Huawei Smart Screen S 55 inches 3GB+32GB ( HD55KANC )
  • Huawei Smart Screen S 65-inch 3GB+16GB ( HD65KANA )
  • Huawei Smart Screen S 75-inch 3GB+16GB (HD75KANA )
  • Huawei Smart Screen S Pro 65-inch 3GB+32GB (HD65KANS )
  • Huawei Smart Screen S Pro 75-inch 3GB+32GB (HD75KANS )

Version Update:

  • Required version: (SP2)
  • New version: (SP1)

Note: The version is pushed in batches. Please be patient and download and upgrade in time.


Dear users, this update has added new features and experience optimization. It is recommended that you update.

1. Optimize the system performance and experience of some scenes to improve system stability.
2. Newly added Hyper Terminal feature.

1. Added the “Watch History” entry to the Huawei video poster on the homepage .
2. Add a convenient page, you can enter the convenient page by pressing the smart key on the homepage.

[Children Mode]
1. Support animation, classroom, nursery rhyme and children’s application market .
2. Support parents to control the installed applications.

Mirror mirroring supports smart full screen to remove black edges.

[Control center]
Added screenshot/recording function.

1. MeeTime video call supports receiving screen sharing initiated by the mobile phone, watching and chatting, and smooth communication.
2. Smoothly connect messages and enjoy communication, and support the portable sending and receiving of various types of files such as text, voice, picture, and video.

[Sports Health]
1. AI Fitness is upgraded to Huawei Sports Health, with a new immersive interface experience.
2. Support connecting wear and equipment, real-time display of heart rate information and professional results.
3. Add male and female coach settings, you can choose according to your preference.


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