Huawei aims to sell 300000 cars a year

At the 17th Super Car Forum, Wang Jun, the BU COO of Huawei’s smart car solution, shared his views on the development of smart cars. He believes that smart cars will not shrink to several companies in the future like smartphones, because the decision-making cycle on the user side of cars is very long, and it is also geographically related, including policies.

Regarding the recent development of the Celis F5 and AITO (Aotu), which have received wide attention from the outside world, Wang Jun said that Huawei’s auto business is divided into two parts.

From the perspective of smart car BU, it is more to help car companies build good cars. Role; the consumer business also has a part of Huawei’s smart selection business. The smart selection business is also Huawei’s business model in the automotive field.

As for Huawei’s smart car BU CEO Yu Chengdong recently proposed, Huawei’s car sales will challenge the annual sales target of 300,000 units. Wang Jun bluntly said that nothing is impossible. The first is to see if the product is good enough for users to pay for it; the second is to see whether the sales channel is strong and complete enough to sell the car.

“If you can do those two things, you can definitely do it,” he said.

Huawei L3 powered Jietu X-1 car


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