Huawei Wang Jun: It is possible to truly realize driverless cars in the next five to ten years

Wang Jun, the BU COO of Huawei’s smart car solution, expressed his views on the development of smart cars. He said that Huawei was originally in the communication field with a scale of more than 100 billion US dollars; when it entered the terminal field, it was a scale of hundreds of billions of dollars; and when it entered the smart car track, it was a scale of several trillion US dollars.

Regarding the model of software-defined cars, Wang Jun believes that software-defined cars are not an end, but a means, in order to apply better hardware and software to cars better and faster.

To truly realize software-defined cars, he said, depending on when real driverless cars arrive, it will also overturn the current state of cars. In his view, in the next five to ten years, it is possible to truly realize autonomous driving, which will subvert the car. Because the cockpit was originally designed around the driver, after the realization of unmanned driving, the cockpit will be designed around the passenger.

Therefore, in addition to investing heavily in intelligent driving, Huawei is also investing in intelligent cockpits. Through the Hongmeng ecosystem, new technologies and new products of partners can be quickly applied to new cockpits.

Huawei Wang Jun


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