Some Huawei P10 to P100 series trademark got rejected

According to the information, many of the P series trademarks of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has been changed. The specific trademarks are P10 to P100, and the trademark application date is March 2021.

The list shows that the P50, P70, P100, P80, P60, and P90 are in the process of reviewing the rejection or have completed the review of rejection. Meanwhile, the P10, P20, P30, P40 are in the status of trademark invalid. Most of the international classifications of trademarks are means of transport or scientific instruments.

Trademark applications usually require several stages such as initial review and registration, which are relatively long. For a long time, trademarks have been squatting with famous brands, malicious squatting, and hoarding. The legal protection of trademarks adopts the “first-to-file principle”, that is, in principle, the exclusive right to use a trademark is granted to the registrant who applies first so that legally registered trademarks can receive a higher degree of legal protection in China.

Huawei P10 to P100 series trademark got rejected Huawei P10 to P100 series trademark got rejected-1


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