Huawei AITO M5 gets the first OTA upgrade

According to the information, AITO officially announced that Wenjie M5 has now started to push the first OTA upgrade and the version number is identified as V1.0.102SP05.

The upgrade mainly involves the optimization of functions such as the driver’s seat welcome, lighting prompts, smart voice, large-screen UI interface, and turn signal prompts.

When leaving the car and locked, the light prompts are more intelligent. After the “Headlight Delay Off” function* is turned on, the headlights will turn off for 2 seconds to indicate that the car is locked successfully, and then light up again to illuminate the way home for you.

Upgrade Notes:

1. When upgrading, please park the vehicle on a gentle (non-up/downhill) road section, close all entertainment audio and video applications in the vehicle, and ensure that the vehicle network signal is good and the battery power is higher than 30%.

2. During the upgrade process, the vehicle may turn off the screen, turn on the running lights, and briefly prompt the instrument panel fault light, etc., which are all normal phenomena. Please do not intervene or drive the vehicle; you can lock the car and leave normally, and the vehicle will automatically Power off after the upgrade is complete.

3. After the upgrade is completed, if the instrument panel prompts that the cruising range or tire pressure is abnormal, it will not affect the normal driving of the vehicle, and it can be restored after driving for a period of time (meaning that the vehicle needs to travel at a speed of more than 25 kilometers per hour and lasts for more than 3 minutes).

4. If you encounter any other problems during the upgrade process, please call the user care hotline 400-008-9999 for consultation.

Huawei AITO M5

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