Huawei Mobile Router Pro released

Huawei launched a mobile router that supports functions such as plug-in card Internet access, dual-network dual-pass, and one-touch networking.

In the past, Huawei Mobile Router only sold equipment. In 2021, Huawei launched Huawei Mobile Router Skyline Edition and Huawei Accompanying WiFi 3 Skyline Version, combining network equipment with traffic cards to provide consumers with comprehensive network solutions.

Huawei Mobile Routing Pro will also be launched with this data card. Huawei Mobile Router Pro supports four Internet access modes , including mobile network to Wi-Fi, mobile network to wired, wired network to Wi-Fi, and wired network to wired.

Compared with Huawei Mobile Router, Huawei Mobile Router Pro has also been greatly upgraded in terms of network performance. Among them, the theoretical peak download speed of the mobile network has been increased from 150Mbps to 300Mbps, and the theoretical Wi-Fi speed has also been upgraded from a single-band 400Mbps to a dual-band concurrent 1267Mbps. At the same time, consumers can also access more Wi-Fi devices, doubling the number of access.

The standard version of Huawei Mobile Routing Pro (including Skyline traffic card, no package) is priced at 499 yuan, the monthly package version is 598 yuan, and the annual package version is 1098 yuan.

Huawei Mobile Router Pro-1 Huawei Mobile Router Pro-2

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