Huawei’s foldable AR glasses patent is now authorized

According to the information, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.’s patent for “a kind of AR glasses” was authorized.
The abstract shows that an embodiment of the present application provides AR glasses. The glasses include a frame and a waveguide lens mounted on the frame, and a first connection part is provided on the frame corresponding to the waveguide lens.

The temple assembly includes a temple body, an optomechanical module, a mainboard module, the mainboard module is arranged on the temple main body Inside, the optical-mechanical module comprises an optical-mechanical main body and a second connecting part connected with the optical-mechanical main body, the optical-mechanical main body is connected with the connecting end of the temple body away from the free end.

In the open position, the mainboard module can control the main body of the optomechanical to project the image beam to the waveguide lens. In the embodiment of the present application, the optomechanical module is decoupled from the frame.

Huawei foldable AR glasses patent

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