Huawei and GlobalData together releases Voice in 5G

According to the Huawei official new press, GlobalData and Huawei together released a white paper named Voice in 5G: The Long Transition. This white paper analyzes survey results collected from operators to depict a “current voice” regarding network conditions, to predict the trend of voice network development, and provide an insight into challenges faced by operators.

Voice Services: Pillar of Telecom Networks

According to the white paper, up to 85% of the surveyed operators agree that voice and SMS services are more important than or as important as data services in 5G.

VoLTE: Cornerstone for 5G Voice

According to the white paper, 66% of operators believe that it will take at least seven years to achieve full VoNR coverage. Prior to this, VoLTE will become the basic voice network in 5G because it supports HD voice services, 5G NSA networks, efficient utilization of spectrum resources, and smooth evolution to VoNR.

Convergent Voice Network: Must for Operators

he white paper points out that operators can build convergent voice networks to simplify voice network architecture, improve resource utilization, and address the O&M and wasted investment issues caused by co-existence of different generations of networks.

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