Huawei and ZTE won the bid for the centralized procurement of intelligent lithium batteries

According to the latest information, the bid evaluation of the smart lithium battery procurement project of Shaanxi Tower in 2021-2022 has been completed, Huawei and ZTE won the bid.

This project is the procurement of 48V100AH ​​smart lithium battery (with the function of combining circuits) equipment for lithium battery smart lithium battery packs. The supply locations are 10 cities in Shaanxi Province, and the procurement budget is 15.84 million yuan (excluding tax). There were 2 winning bidders in the project, the first with a 60% share, and the second with a 40% share.

Among them, Huawei won the first share, and the bid does not include a tax discount of 91.00%. ZTE won the second share, and the bid does not include a tax discount: 88.42%.

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