WhatsApp to bring encrypted local storage backup for Android

Facebook’s own WhatsApp has been recently pushed out the end-to-end encrypted backup feature for Google Drive to protect the privacy of a user from unauthorized access. The company is now developing the same feature for the local storage backups on Android as well.

This feature backs up the WhatsApp history on your Google drive that can be restored in the internal storage of smartphones when a user reinstalls the app.

For your kind information, the end-to-end encryption allows the users to set a security key consisting of numbers and lowercase from “a” to “f”. Only after entering this key, a user is able to access their backups from Google Drive. The only thing to remember is that, if a user forgot the security, WhatsApp won’t be able to help them to reset it, which is necessary to restore chat history.

Earlier, WhatsApp send the WhatsApp HD Photos options on iOS and Android devices. This feature offers three options- Auto, Best Quality, and Data Saver to decide the quality of an image that is being sent by the user.

These options can be found in WhatsApp Setting > Storage and Data > Media Upload Quality. However, as this is a beta rollout, so there is room for further changes, stay connected to get more news.


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