Huawei Announces Arteriosclerosis Detection related patent

Huawei has published a patent for “Arteriosclerosis Detection Interface Generation Method, Device, Terminal, and System” and the publication number is CN113838567A.

According to the latest information, the technical solution of this invention can show the arterial detection position of the arteriosclerosis detector to the user to remind the user which arterial segment is, even if the user is a non-professional person. You can also intuitively determine the arterial segment area detected during arteriosclerosis measurement.

The arteriosclerosis detection interface generation method provided by this embodiment of the invention includes:

Obtain the type of arteriosclerosis detector in use;

Generating a detection interface and determining an artery detection position corresponding to the type of the arteriosclerosis detector;

And displaying the detection position of the artery in the detection interface.

Huawei Announces Arteriosclerosis Detection related patent

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