Huawei announces patent for Detachable Mobile Terminal

Huawei has added another patent to its portfolio titled “detachable mobile terminal”, the patent number is CN113271368A, and the application date was September 2020.

According to the patent summary, this application provides a detachable mobile terminal, including a screen assembly and a host assembly detachably connected to the screen assembly. When the screen assembly and the host assembly are integrated, the outer surface of the screen assembly can be connected to the host Component contact.

The screen assembly is a component that facilitates interaction with the user. The host assembly includes a heavier mobile communication module for providing call functions. Compared with the existing integrated design mobile terminal, the mobile terminal is a heavier mobile communication module Set in the host assembly, the weight of the screen assembly is greatly reduced.

When the screen component and the host component are separated, the host component and the screen component can realize the call function of the mobile terminal.

Detachable Mobile Terminal patent Huawei Detachable Mobile Terminal patent



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